ProCare Therapy, Inc.

Custom Wordpress Blog

ProCare is one of the country’s top sources of school jobs and staffing. Whether you’re a school in need of healthcare specialists or a school professional looking for a company that values your commitment, ProCare Therapy is your source. I developed a responsive custom Wordpress theme for Procare's Blog.

My Role: Front-End Development in a Responsive Custom Wordpress Theme and Regular Maintenance / Updating.

Languages and Software:

  • HTML5
  • CSS3
  • PHP
  • Wordpress

The Plan & Process

Front End Development

I followed the design plan and comps in coding the HTML, CSS and JavaScript. Attention was focused on hand-coding the front end with clean, standards compliant code. A responsive grid was also to be implemented.


I converted my HTML, CSS and JavaScript files into a custom WordPress theme; integrating the front end code with PHP and the WordPress loop/functions.


The project plan required that the website be responsive as to better engage clients. I chose Twitter Bootstrap as a CSS framework to create the backbone of the responsive grid. Additional fluid containers were created as needed. I further utilized media queries to fine-tune the site for tablet and mobile devices.