Corporate Website Development

MicroTech Water Damage Control, Inc. specializes in water, flood and fire damage restoration and mold remediation. I assisted a team in designing and developing a custom Wordpress theme for MicroTech's corporate website with a focus on responsive design.

My Role: Design and Front-End Development in a Responsive Framework for a custom Wordpress theme.

Languages and Software:

  • HTML5
  • CSS3
  • PhotoShop
  • Wordpress
  • PHP

The Plan & Process


I collaborated with a team of designers to create MicroTech's website. My contributions to the design of the site include main icon pack (water, mold, fire and carpet) that are utilized throughout the site. I was tasked with creating visual elements that were easily recognizable by customers and at the same time were representative of the core services that MicroTech offers.

Front End Development

I collaborated with another front end developer in writing the HTML and CSS for the site. I focused on writing compliant code that adhered to W3C standards.


I assisted in the conversion of the HTML and CSS into a custom WordPress theme.


The project plan required that the website be responsive as to better engage customers.